Reference material

275 Reference materials are essential in the calibration of instruments and to assess a measurement method. About the IPTA project, the DCC GmbH provides the following reference materials to improve the precision, accuracy and precision in the analysis of solid fuels or from plant by-products:

2001 Hardcoal IPTA-Green   (<3 mm, approx. 50g)
2002 Hardcoal IPTA-Blue      (<3 mm , approx. 50g)
2003 Hardcoal IPTA-Yellow  (<3 mm, approx. 50g)
2004 Hardcoal IPTA-Red       (<3 mm, approx. 50g)
2005 Coke IPTA-Silver           (<3 mm, approx. 50g)
2006 Coal ash IPTA Black (<0.1 mm, approx. 10g)
2007 Brown coal ash IPTA Brown (<0.1 mm, 10 g)
2008 Coal fly ash (<2mm, approx. 500g)

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