Interlaboratory test

Project management and neutral evaluation by Dr. Georg Szczendzina

The project manager for our round robin tests of solid fuels analytics and sampling of solid fuels is qualified chemist Dr. Georg Szczendzina, of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Northern Westphalia publicly appointed and sworn commercial chemist, expert and sampler for solid fuels.

Proficiency testing: IPTA® improve precision truness and accuracy

Why DCC proficiency testing interlaboratory tests?

The evaluation of measurement results is always based on a proper and professional sampling. It is the foundation of the analysis not only of solid fuels. And what would be a house without a foundation? Who can exercise the utmost precision in sampling prevents incorrect results and saves possible costs for remedy or recourse.

Proficiency Tests according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17043

As far as possible we want to offer practical round robin tests, in which the entire measurement procedure can be tested. All round robin tests will be run according to the specifications of DIN EN ISO / IEC 17043 and the ISO Guide 43. Forms for registration for the round robin tests you can receive at the download section or directly into the right-hand column of the store module. The DCC-robin tests are anonymous.

Each laboratory has its own laboratory code number that changes every year.

We offer anonymous, neutral and independant evaluation.


The objectives of the DCC-round robin tests are

- Checking the accuracy of sampling and
- the determination of fuel parameters
serve the needs are for quality assessment and billing, or assess the technological properties.
Incorrect results can be detected only by interlaboratory tests. Here, some basic errors can be prevented.

Prevent systematic variations in the analysis

With the proposed round robin tests, we allow participants to detect systematic deviations which are due to apparatus or method cause. The validation of test methods (standard or in-house method) have priority.

Quality assurance for laboratories

The aim of our round robin tests is to ensure the quality of test results and calibration results. The round robin tests are aimed at both accredited and not accredited laboratories. By the external quality assurance measure we want to give the opportunity to document their quality to the accredited laboratories. The measurement uncertainty in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 can be estimated on the basis of participation. Even for non-accredited laboratories round robin tests are a valuable tool for quality assurance.

Control Chart