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DCC Industries Proficiency Tests

We offer special proficiency tests for certain sectors. Registration for the industry proficiency tests schemes is possible all year round. The following interlaboratory comparisons are currently available:

DCC 12 Industries test         Calorimetry
DCC 13 Industries test         Fudibility of ash
DCC 20 Industries test         UN N4 Test SSelf-heating
DCC 22 Industries test         TML Cargo wich may liquefy
DCC 25 Industries test         Organic Petrology
DCC 26 Industries test         BBQ, Microscopic investigations of,
                                             barbecue charcoal briquettes for illegal addirives
DCC 27 Industries test          Biomass content 14C Solid recovered fuels and
                                             HVP-fuels mixture

DCC 28 Industries test          C-Sink artisan Biochar production
DCC 50 Industries test         Mechanical strenth furnace coke MICUM, IRSID
DCC 70 Industries test          Eluate analysis Fly Ash, Wood ash
DCC 80 Industries test         Fire test for products ISO 1716