The specifications of the sampling

The manual sampling of import coal (0-50 mm) takes place from inland vessels or at storage areas in accordance with ISO standard. Thereby the participating sampling institutes / laboratories, are to carry out a representative sampling according to ISO standard. The laboratories deliver as a result the ash content (Wf) of the sampled fuel and the completed test schedule. The measurement results are evaluated statistically.


Evaluation and certification

Each laboratory receives an anonymous laboratory code number. The statistical analysis is carried out by the DCC, Inc. The analysis and graphical representation is done using MS Excel. The evaluation are the following documents:

- Laboratory numbers
- z-score analysis
- average value
- "true value" of the sample after elimination of outliers (Hampel-estimator)
- Standard deviation
- tabular and graphical representation of the entire analysis of the results and outliers

After completion of the evaluation, each participating laboratory receives a certificate of successful participation, and an evaluation of all test results and testing laboratories as a PDF document for download in the "Internal area". Sign up by downloading the registration form here as a PDF for printing and faxing here.